Societal Attitudes to Urban Novel Ecosystems

NovelEco is a citizen science project that will measure, for the first time, societal attitudes towards urban wild spaces and species (or novel ecosystems) by working with citizens to study them and generate data on these unusual and perhaps overlooked urban ecosystems.

We value your opinion: what do YOU think about urban wild spaces and species? We need lots of information so please complete our global SURVEY Send us the location of wild spaces in your community and how you value them. The survey only takes about 20 minutes! See our NEWS section for more. Thank you.



We will take a citizen science approach to measure, for the first time, societal attitudes to urban wild spaces by asking citizens to study them. This will address a major gap in understanding whether human contact with nature, especially ‘wild’ nature, can have beneficial social and personal effects.

NovelEco will thus create a new awareness of the transformative potential of urban wild spaces while advancing frontier science in the fields of urban novel ecosystems and social-ecological systems science.

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Novel ecosystems

Dr. Marcus Collier | TEDx Talk

Many scientists contend that we are now in a human-created geological era called the Anthropocene. This is the era where the human footprint has altered all aspects of the Earth’s functions. Between 28-36% of the earth has been irreparably transformed by human activities. These areas are called novel ecosystems.

In his TEDx 2015 talk, Marcus talks about novel ecosystems theory, which is proving challenging for our goals of restoring damaged landscapes and conserving habitats and species.